Friday, December 24, 2010

Careful, He Adores Deeply

If I could paint the world the way you see it,
I’d have to use colors and shapes that have
Only existed previously in the psychedelic
Walls of your mind.
I only wish that I could see that same
Ships that rocket across your closed eyelids and
Soar between the complexity of your heart
And the simplicity of your actions.

I want to help you find the
pieces that fall in between the spaces
Left where you have been broken.
Nobody warned me ‘please be
Careful, he adores deeply.
Please openly love, listen and remember, devotion
doesn't always come in the same form that
you desire it to.
And in his strength he is fragile,
And he cares about what he cares about
And has yet to learn how to care about everything else.'
Yet somehow I still understand you
without a caution sign, getting that the way
in which you view life soars beyond even the
psychedelic experiences of less extraordinary people.

You only express to me how you feel when
You know that I need it,
For I should already know that the way I see us in
My heart is also what you see,
Except you leave it undefined, unlabeled, and
What feels like neglected until I remember ‘be
Careful, he adores deeply’
More deeply than I can reach
More deeply than you can express
And most of all, more deeply than
What this world is prepared for.

Generally, Each Note Often Reveals Another

We match.
In the times where I am most voluminous,
You reflect on the world quietly,
And when I fall into silence,
You fill it with the things I wish I could say.
Sometimes we aren’t very poetic,
And our wise moments seldom coexist, but

We match.
The music in your feet syncs
With the music in my voice
And the music in our minds is in harmony
Even if we are jamming in different genres.
Generally, each note often reveals another,
And you’ve helped reveal me to myself.

We match.
Laughing at the same things,
And knowing it’s okay to cry,
Though we probably won’t.
Still, crying is an option moreso
Than it has been in our entire lives.

We match.
Knowing the things we wish we could articulate
Without needing to say anything,
And being so strong in friendship
That we don’t need to hope we stay friends
Because we simply will.
I will stay with you through the ups and downs
Because no one matches me like you do
And nobody else can match like

We match.

Love Under Construction is Loud, Lively, Excellent

You are beautiful, brilliant, outrageous, and fabulous,
So it is only understandable that you desire the exact same
From someone else, but you desire such perfection.
Even your view of flawed perfection is beyond
All levels of ability contained within average people.
Extraordinary is something that can only be seen after
We’ve learned to love what is ordinary.
And I only wish that you’d allow someone to
Love you the best they can until you can grow together
And you both learn to love even better.
Love under construction is loud, lively, excellent,
And so far from perfect that it is beautiful,
So far from flawless that it is magnificent,
And so ridiculous that everything feels just right.
Know that you deserve the best,
But that the best love comes in many forms,
And the realest love can rise from the greatest dysfunction.
And your love is far too
And fabulous
To go to waste.
So let go,
And just love.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Friend Zone

You're the extra sparkle upon my
already smiling face,
the frosting and sprinkles upon my
delicious but dysfunctional cake.

You could be the world,
a beautifully flawed learner,
poetry seeping from your pores
and pain ridden confusion hiding in your eyes.

I do not aim to save you from yourself
but I'd love to make you smile
and be a small part of your journey to
discover that there will be
happiness in healing,
power in vulnerability, and
beauty in breakdown.

I will not become your foundation,
nor your walls,
your roof,
or your windows,
but I can help you decorate,
or be some area of coziness
where you can escape, be warm
and spill coffee on the floor,
because though you hoped otherwise,
you are not spill proof.

And though your heart may be broken and leaky,
it's worth holding on to,
and I can put a cute bandage on
this beautiful mess and know that
you will heal and your
heart will beat stronger
and you can feel safe in this moment
with me.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Imitation Poem.

I think you are most yourself when we are alone;
Breaking silences with laughter from inside jokes,
The funny way you smile, your cheeks red and eyes gleaming
As though you are caught between joy and sorrow.

You are neither flawless nor imperfect
At understanding who you are.
You wouldn’t be the greatest friend, love
But you’d never be less than amazing.

I think of how different everything might have been
Had I judged you for the money, friends, habits you have
Your unreliability.

But I always thought I was drowning
In the icy distance between us,
I always thought your heart was moving too slowly to save me,
When you were loving as deeply as you can.