Friday, November 27, 2009


I saw death on the face
of the most beautiful human being
to have ever graced Earth.

Death looked me in the eye
squeezed my hand
and told me to never give up
and that miracles can happen.

But I watched the life of
a walking, living miracle
fade into a cold, sullen, yet
peaceful state of consent
and understanding
or submissive surrender
to the harsh grip of death
that she finally let
overtake her gentle, loving self.

On that sad day,
the loss of one
broke the hearts of countless individuals
that are extraordinary people
due to the influence of her
magnificent existence.

Time will help us heal
and love will help us cope
but never shall life be the same
for hers are shoes that are
far too monumental to fill.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Dance. Sing. Live.

I want to dance
as the sun sets over the skyline
turning the horizon a pinkish orange
our bodies move together
as one unit
exuding happiness with every movement
we make in perfect unison
as though our affection helped
us perfectly choreograph
this act of love
in motion.

I want to sing
as your fingers run through my hair
listening to the sound of my heart
that beats solely for you
while i fall asleep to the slow
even breaths that fill your lungs
and exhale with a perfect, calming
as though you were created
to make me feel safe and secure
while i envelop you in melodies
of a love that was meant to have no boundaries.

I want to kiss
passion sending electric shock
through our bodies as our
lips touch for a brief moment
then again, silent, quick
perfectly moisturized lips
tasting of pomegranate
making you crave more
tease your bottom lip with my teeth
as though one minute with you
could last a lifetime and
our hearts would remain complete.

I want to be held
not because i want it
but because you know i need it
our bodies fit together as we
lay down to rest
as you pull me in closer
and make me feel whole
with each warm, caring,
gentle touch
our fingers intertwined
fitting together
as though our hands
are meant to hold no other's.

I can dance
and sing
and live
but it all means nothing
without you.
For I belong to you,
You are the breath that fills my lungs
the love rushing through my veins
and my heart
is yours
beating slowly, lonely,
but only
for you.