Sunday, February 7, 2010

Ready for Love.

A poem written after way too much conversation about love.
Shoutouts to Chase, Rosie, Grace, Sarah, Dorian, and Nichole for all that talk about love and stuff. 
My friends are pretty much the best. 

Because her shy, innocent stance somehow also
exudes a significant level of complicated jadedness,
I feel that I need to save her,
rescue her from lonely
For she needs somebody that is
strong enough to love her
but gentle enough to hold her close
and dry her tears.

I only wish i could save her
from spending any more nights
by herself
alone with the lingering chill of
And I know her soft hands
could fit perfectly in mine
and her lonely heart and my broken one
could meet somewhere in the middle
and help each other transform into
a shared happiness that shines
like the light in her eyes.

I can't take away the hurt from her past
but I could show her what love can look like
when it isn't being blurred
by selfishness or doubt.
I want to show her she doesn't need to worry
about what tomorrow may bring
because I will be by her side.
I don't have much to offer
but she deserves the world
and I would gladly give her mine
just to see her smile.

I can only hope that
she will save some space in
her heart for me.
I can't promise her perfection
but I can promise that
the hurt she's felt will
become and remain a part of the past
because I will hold her fragile heart
softly in my
humbled, nervous
but steady hands
that have never possessed anything
so delicate and beautiful.

So to the woman with pain in her smile
and heartache in her eyes
I'd write a million words to
share a moment of happiness with her
and to hear her laugh
Walk a million miles to
hold her in my arms
and fall asleep with her snuggled in the
warmth of my embrace.
For she is the most beautiful woman
on Earth
and her love
the greatest gift anyone could ever receive.