Friday, May 28, 2010


Maybe we can hold hands and watch the sun as it
sets over the horizon, blurring the lines between
sea and sun and clouds, a beautiful mixture
of blue, red, orange, and life.

And maybe we can explode the earth with
our passion, smiling more than anyone
ever has because we simply enjoy each other
and life as it currently is, pain, sadness, drama and all.

And maybe we can explore the city, from
the random walls plastered with graffiti to
the 24 hour food places around town that make less than
fantastic food, but it's perfect because of the company
and the time being the wee small hours of the morning,
and we all know that everything tastes better at 4:00 in the morning.

And maybe we'll never need drugs or alcohol
because we are already so high and drunk on
life, but also keep in mind that a shot or two or
maybe some magical, psychedelic trip never really hurt anyone.

And maybe we can take pictures of anything
and everything, like that dog over there or you
capturing me as I am trying to capture a perfect
photograph of something else, or maybe we'd simply take a photo
of me smiling with that sparkle in my eye as you
stick your tongue out the moment that the camera flashes.

And maybe we can be those meddling kids that
laugh for too long in movies and walk too slow on
crowded streets, because we are too distracted by
how incredibly beautiful the world is when
we're together.

And maybe, just maybe, for even a moment,
we can just...escape.

Back to Me & You.

Back to you
my heart stumbles
knowing that more likely than not
it will be handed back in a million
torn pieces
the moment it finally feels whole again
still it pushes on
closer to you
because there is not one person
that deserves to break it
more than you do
for never did it know
such beauty
until you taught
how to love.

By: Leandra Stanley
September 30, 2009


Back to me
my hands tremble
knowing that I
don't know how to handle
your heart beat for
I don't mean for the hurt
that is bound to happen to occur
while i still feel
you push on to me
as I attempt to put the pieces back together
which is hard cause it's
like holding sand
yet still I fail
at loving easy
cause I allowed your beauty
which is existing with me
this very moment to teach me
how to love.

By: Noah James
December 10, 2009

Friday, May 21, 2010


I stand here between you
And the edge of a cliff
Holding the beauty that is
Your heart
Out before me
With a loving grip
Showing you that it
Is safe with me
But if you desire me to
Return it, I can
Loosen my grasp
And allow you to
Hold both my heart and
Yours recklessly
As you tend to do.

Beneath this cliff that
You’ve pushed me closer
To is reality
One that I’ve refused to
Confront for as long as
Possible for it is
A long fall just to
Crash through broken promises that are
Softened with ‘I love you’s
And ‘my heart belongs to you’s
Being destroyed as you allow
Your body to belong to someone else
But what is even more
Frightening is the fact
That at the end of this fall
There aren’t even lies
Other women
Or betrayal to
Sugarcoat and ease
My landing.

There is nothing.

So I stand here before you
Tear stained and broken
Begging you for one
Last chance to prove to you
That I can be even more gentle
With your heart that I never broke
Just as I promised.

You look me in the eye and
Without any love or compassion
Tell me that I am still the girl
That holds your heart
Slowly walking toward me while
Extending your arms
and what little remains of my heart
jumps and beats vigorously
in my chest as I step toward you
hoping that there would be some
warmth in this empty embrace.
But then you whisper
‘but you are not the one’
And your extended arms
Push me over the edge
As you try to grab your heart
From my hands.

I continue to hold it close
As I plunge past ‘I love you’ lies
And ‘we’ll be together forever’s
And I somehow find a
Split second to place it gently
Between ‘will you marry me?’
And ‘it was just a drunk hook up,
She means nothing to me’
Hoping that it would be safe
For I would never allow something
So beautiful to collide with a
Black heap of nothingness
Where it could get lost
Or cold or dirty.

As it rests there
I continue my fall
Passing every memory of
How happy we were
And how sad we were
And most of all
How perfect I thought we were.

I plummet closer and closer to the end
My tears passing me as I fly by with
You flashing before my eyes
As I prepare myself for
The lonely drop into nowhere.

I hit the ground
Terrified of the loudness
of silence
And open my eyes to see
You in front of me
And a cliff behind me
As you tell me that everything is okay
And that I am safe
Leaving me wondering
If I am jumping off
Of this cliff on my own
By believing that you
Are any different
Than you were before
Or that this jump back into love
Will be any less painful
Than tiptoeing on the
Line between an embrace
And being pushed
And forced to fall all by myself
After you promised to protect me.

I inch closer to you
Wondering how your heart is back
In my hands
I run toward you knowing you
Will just shove me off again
But you pull me in
Hold me and kiss me
And tell me how glad you are
That we’re okay again,
Charming me just enough
To lower my guard
While you laugh a little
And push me over the edge again.

I thought I was prepared this time
But you poked holes
In my parachute
And peered over the edge
Shrugged and walk away
As you begin to flash before my eyes again
During this beautiful
Fall into nowhere
And everywhere.

I gave my every effort to
Take flight
And to love you hard enough
To make you pull me closer
Rather than push me over the edge.
For you told me that you had faith in
A perfect love
And that this perfection
Was in me.
And I had faith in you,
In us, 
In our love.

So I am stuck here
Hoping that this time
You’ll be there to catch me,
Because this is the eighth cliff
That you’ve pushed me off of
And I don’t know how well
I can continue to protect
You and your heart
For I am weak
And my reflexes are shaky
And I am not sure I will
Be able to open my eyes
If you aren’t there this time
To break my fall.