Thursday, April 29, 2010

Song for you.

You are finally listening
So I am going to give you
Something worth hearing.

I am going to sing
loud, soft
crescendo, decrescendo,
staccato, legato
with feeling
and more emotion than you expected
or are ready to handle,
because no longer am I singing for you
I am singing to you
and hoping my words will
move past your ears
and be heard by your heart.

I am going to speak to you in song.
I will begin and you will smile at the
sweet sound of my voice
and giggle at the cliché romantic feeling of this moment
until you realize that every note that I sing
is being poured directly from my
heart to yours,
and your goofy smile turns into a feeling
that turns your cheeks rosy and
gives you butterflies in your stomach,
the kind of fluttering feeling
that makes you realize that
I am nothing like what you are used to
but somehow everything you've been
looking for.

So the song I was to perform for you
becomes a song that I am giving to you
and with the
loud, soft,
crescendo, decrescendo,
staccato, legato,
four minute musical moment
in which the song is my soul,
I will surprise you
and steal your heart.