Thursday, June 10, 2010


It is said that beauty is in
the eye of the beholder
and here I am now
beholding the most beautiful
human being to have ever walked
upon this planet,
your flaws perfect
and your imperfections flawless.

I would kiss you from head to toe
just to remind you that every
square millimeter of your body
is the most beautiful thing that
I've ever seen.
And I would need the entire world's
population to help me count on
their fingers and toes to help me
even begin to attempt to number
all the reasons why you make me smile.

I never want to let a day go by
in which I do not remind you of
how stunning you are
because you don't believe you are beautiful
and think that I deserve something better than
what you have to give
but little do you know that
never have I felt more lucky than I do now
that you desire to let me hold your heart in my hands.

I could paint a portrait
of your face with the color of
my irises because I only
have eyes for you.
And I could sing you the most
beautiful love song
to have ever been composed
with the air stolen in the
moments that you've
taken my breath away.

There is even beauty in the
sorrow that you carry
around on your shoulders,
but it is sometimes more than you can handle
and I would take it all from you
just to be able to witness the moment
in which you can finally stand tall
and feel the sunlight on your face.
You don't know how to completely
love because you are afraid of
landing alone if you fall.
Let me catch you
sweep you up and erase
this fear you've built because
there has yet to be someone in your life
who can hold you as gently
and love you as strongly as you've always needed.
If I could give you the universe,
I would be giving you only a fraction
of what you deserve,
But I will give you pieces of my world
One by one
If it means I’ll get the privilege of
Seeing you smile
and the joy of knowing
that in this moment
You are just as much a part of me
as I am of you
and the world
is ours.