Tuesday, January 21, 2014


(written 6/2011, collaboration with Chase Wiggins)

Sometimes, you don't need to know what time it is
because as we lose track of the minutes,
we have more moments to let go and find ourselves
in places beyond the simplicity of where we are
and who we are when the clock strikes on the hour.

I wish I could tell you that it will all get easier
that if we lean against each other,
we'll stand strong enough to handle any wind
that could knock us down, but we will falter
and fall, and we'll cry and rebuild.

Let me be your rock, for I am heavy with
people's secrets and anchored down,
ankle deep in people's tears, and I 
may not know where we are going,
but I can try to get you anywhere but here.

Or maybe it’s you who will finally take me away,
Because I think you know me well enough
To realize that it’s really me who desires change,
And I hope you love me well enough,
To turn my desire into your will to hoist anchor,
Set sail. Go. Anywhere but here.

Here. Where, earthbound as I am,
The ticking of the clock beats out the monotony
That defines my life. As mundane as worms,
Making dirt and dirt making up the earth.
Yes. I am an anchor, but I hear you have a jetpack.
And while I doubt that it’s big enough to move me,
I’m still excited for you to hit the ignition.

And even if I cannot fly there with you,
In watching you, I find myself, as I dream of a place
Where the wind doesn’t seek to knock us down,
But instead catches us in its updrafts.
And I hope that you will think of me,
And know that even shooting stars,
Have somewhere to come home to.

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