Tuesday, January 21, 2014


(written 6/2011, collaboration with Chase Wiggins)

She said she wanted me to take the lead,
But nobody told her that I have two left feet,
And the dance I taught myself doesn’t quite fit the choreography
Expected for such an intricate dance.

I don’t always move in rhythm, but
If she wants me to dance, I’ll dance a fierce left footed tango
All in attempt not to humiliate myself in finding a line between
Maintaining my composure and leading her.

Don’t get carried away, she said. It was just a joke,
But it was one of those truthie kinds of joke,
That’ll often tell a person more than enough.

Of course I know that, Don’t worry about it,
But my words blurred the truth as surely as they were slurred.

And so we danced around in diction,
Salsaed in slipper syntax,
And tangoed in tangled words,
Me being gentle as not to smother her,
Passionately as to prove my capability and skill,
But I cannot even begin the steps without getting carried away
Because every time I get myself into this predicament is
More enveloping than the last,
And never have I encountered a more addictive partner,
However, well, I can’t actually dance,
And frankly, she wouldn’t have had me even if I could.

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